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‘TRINITY therefore WORSHIP’ Series


Week 2 – Worship Does Not Depend On You

Bible Reading – (Hebrews 8)


Below is the setlist for 28 October 2012.


1. For Your Name (Hillsong)

2. Out Of The Dust (spch)

3. Jesus Paid It All (Kristian Stanfill)

4. Heart Of Worship (Matt Redman)


1. You (Hillsong)

2. Out Of The Dust (spch)

3. Conquered It All (spch)

4. Heart Of Worship (Matt Redman)


This is a weekly post, as part of the Sunday Setlists initiative:


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Jesus Builds His Church

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(Jesus) “…and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it..”

Matthew 16:18

God, through Jesus, is building His church and we have a role to play. God’s unfolding plan for mankind is known as salvation history and it has eternal consequences.

We are bit players in God’s perfect ‘play’. I’m IN. Are YOU?

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:8





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I’ve been listening to film scores a lot lately and am really enjoying the rich texture and dynamics that an orchestra offers. Most composers have now augmented their sound by using loops, samplers and sequencers.

You can’t beat the real thing, but advances in technology (instrument and recording) does make most things easier and cheaper.


Here goes, my personal TOP 10 favourite film composers (in alphabetical order):

Craig Armstrong eg. In Time, Love Actually

John Carpenter eg. Escape From NY, Halloween

Danny Elfman eg. Men In Black, Simpsons, Spiderman

Jerry Goldsmith eg. Alien, Star Trek

James Horner eg. Apollo 13, Avatar, Titanic

James Newton Howard eg. Fugitive, Sixth Sense

Howard Shore eg. Lord Of The Rings

Alan Silvestri eg. Back To The Future, Forrest Gump

John Williams eg. ET, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Raiders Star Wars, Superman (anything Spielberg)

Hans Zimmer eg. Gladiator, Pirates of the Carribean


Now, it’s your turn. Who have I missed and why?

And according to The Telgraph (UK), here’s the TOP 100 movie soundtracks:



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This week at spch, we commenced a 6 part series titled ‘TRINITY therefore WORSHIP’.

Week 1 – Brings Pleasure & Joy

Bible Reading – (Ephesians 1:1-14)


Below is the setlist for 21 October 2012.


1. Praise Him (Hillsong)

2. Evermore (Hillsong)

3. Out Of The Dust (spch)

4. Heart Ablaze (spch)


1. Run (Hillsong)

3. You Hold Me Now (Hillsong)

3. My Soul Will Sing (spch)

4. Heart Ablaze (spch)


This is a weekly post, as part of the Sunday Setlists initiative:


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QUOTE – Sacred Cows

by on Oct.18, 2012, under Church Life

Sacred cows make the best burgers.”


This quote has been attributed to Mark Twain, but it is likely to have been used by someone before his time.

The relevance of this quote to churches, is that we too have ‘sacred cows’. Every business or organisation has practices or ministries that are highly inefficient. It would be a shame to continue doing them just because “we have always done that around here”.

Kriegel & Brandt have written an interesting book on the subject, titled Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers: Developing Change-Driving People and Organizations.

I understand it’s well worth the read.


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by on Oct.17, 2012, under Worship

Crossfire is the name used for youth ministry at spch. Every Friday evening around 250 teenagers are passionately lead by over 100 leaders. It’s “a safe place – to hear a dangerous message – and have your life transformed by Jesus!”

ImpaKct is the ministry’s annual summer camp and is hugely popular. Registrations for ImpaKct 2013 opened last weekend and the place is a buzz. Early registrants can even win an iPad!

Who doesn’t love a freebie, right? The iPad promo has created some hype and the early rego’s help organisers to budget and plan on potential numbers.

The creative team have done a fantastic job on the promo video too. Check it out!

IMPAKCT2013 from CrossfireYouth on Vimeo.


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This Sunday we commence a 6 week series at spch titled TRINITY therefore WORSHIP. We are looking at how the Holy trinity informs and shapes Christian worship.

We will be drawing from resources such as:

Worship, Community and the Triune God (JB Torrance)

The Holy Trinity: Scripture, History Theology and Worship (R Letham)

Dr Mark Thompson, from Moore College will also be informing us by speaking at a Small Groups breakfast and answering questions on a number of short videos.

[Part 1] – How Trinitarian God shapes worship from St Pauls Castle Hill on Vimeo.

Mark possesses one of the sharpest minds in the country on this subject, so it’s such a blessing to have him available to us!

It’s a significant time for our church as we teach on the doctrine of God as Father, Son and Spirit. Staff and leaders are trusting that the triune God will reveal Himself to us, enabling us to respond generously as a worshiping community. The series climaxes on  COMMITMENT SUNDAY, where people are given an opportunity to support our ministry needs for 2013 in the following ways:

1. Time and talents – signing up for ministry areas

2. Treasures – giving sacrificially

Leadership can then pray fervently for wisdom to know how to be faithful stewards of the resources available to us.

We are all on a spiritual journey and under God I pray that you continue to grow in the love and faith of Jesus Christ our Saviour.



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Below is the spch setlist for 14 October 2012.


1. Jesus Saves (Tim Hughes)

2. 10,000 Reasons (Chris Tomlin)

3. Our Hope (spch)

Reading – JUDE 1

4. Hosanna (Brooke Fraser)


1. Go (Hillsong)

3. Take It All (Hillsong)

3. 10,000 Reasons (Chris Tomlin)

Reading – JUDE 1

4. Cornerstone (Hillsong)


This is a weekly post, as part of the Sunday Setlists initiative:

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Pastor, Rob Rash has an ebook for worship teams that is worth getting. Titled ‘A Guidebook For Leading Fantastic Worship Rehearsals’, it’s full of practical advice to “take your team to the next level”.

Best of all, it’s FREE!!!



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by on Oct.10, 2012, under Personal


God is relational and He wants to be in an intimate relationship with us. Just ponder that thought for a moment…

The Lord of all creation, the Creator of heaven and earth, and everything in it, really WANTS to be active in our lives. Our Father, God is drawing us to Himself, by His Spirit. How do we respond?

As Christians, we need to immerse ourselves in the Word. Just as our bodies require a balanced diet, our souls too need the nourishment that is found in God’s Word. Daily communication with God in prayer and meditation is essential for a healthy spiritual life. Who of us would say to a spouse, “I love you”, but only talk to them once a week, or less!? Crazy, right?

Your mind is like a giant sponge. It takes things in without discrimination and shapes what you think and believe. Every day we are bombarded with unhelpful words and images, that distract us from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Can I encourage you to make time with God a priority. Take advantage of resources that are out there and relish the time that you can spend with your heavenly Father.

For example, our friends at CEP have published a resource called REAP JOURNAL. REAP is a daily bible reading program, that is available in adult, youth and kids versions.


As you dig deeper into the Word of God, may you be enriched and transformed into the likeness of Christ.



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