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Wisdom is defined as:

1. The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise

2. The soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of such experience, knowledge, and good judgment

‘Wisdom literature’ refers to books of the bible such as Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. It is about how we apply the insights we have heard or have been taught, to situations in life. A distinctive characteristic of wisdom literature is the lack of a reference to Jesus or the history of salvation.

How is wisdom described in the bible?

“Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding”.

Job 28:28 (cf. Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7, 9:10; Isaiah 11:2, 33:6)

In chapter 28, Job described many wonderful things. He spoke about discovery, people who have great skills and he spoke about the most beautiful things. More importantly, Job talks about the value of wisdom. Wisdom is precious, it is perfect and it is much better than anything else. Job also explains that only God knows true wisdom, the wisdom He has placed in the fabric of creation (21-27) and has revealed to humanity (v28).

For all of man’s achievements and abilities, he cannot answer the great question about the meaning and purpose of the righteous man (such as Job) who suffers. Nothing in this world can explain that. The answer to life’s great questions can only be understood by a Godly person.

Job needs to “fear the Lord” (and so do we). This is significant, because it is not only the central theme of wisdom literature, but the key to all Godly wisdom.

My prayer is that we can might always seek Godly wisdom. That we will be eager to ask God for guidance in ministry and “lean not on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5-6



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