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Last week, I attended the Faithfulness In Service 2014 conference. FIS is run by the PSU and held every 3 year’s to assist Anglican clergy and lay leaders in addressing current issues.

One of the standout talks was titled ‘Using Electronic Communications Wisely In Ministry’.


Presented by Reverend Nigel Fortescue, we got 10 tips for communicating wisely:

1. Plug in!

Regardless of your age, you must have email, smartphone, great website, Facebook

Possibly a blog and twitter

Don’t multitask. It takes discipline and shows respect for those you are with

‘Unplug’ on your day off. Preserve rest time

2. Understand the tools

Learn the rules of each platform

Learn the pros and cons of each platform

Protect your privacy

3. There is no delete key!

Your posts are permanent and can be used against you

Think twice before you press enter

Plagiarism is now easier

4. Use the electronic to enhance the personal

Electronic communication is a powerful tool

It is also high risk. Things can easily be misinterpreted

5. Don’t use the electronic to escape the personal

Some things need to be said in person

6. Stay in control

You be the master (not the slave) and use electronic communication as a tool

Reply to texts and messages

Society is adapting slowly to the dangers (eg. Cyber bullying)

7. Love those who resist electronic communications

Some people will not adopt technology

8. Create a policy to follow

Have guidelines for your church/organisation

9. Speak to and listen to the congregation

10. Act your age!

Be yourself online

We also watched a video clip made by Colin Buchanan. A parody song titled ‘Be My Friend’, it cleverly mocks the sort of ‘friendships’ that can be found on Facebook:

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